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Burning wood is a sustainable, carbon neutral way to heat your home
but to get the most out of your fire or stove you need to choose your fuel
carefully. Moisture content of firewood is important for all fires but
especially for the increasing number of us who have wood burning
stoves. Potentially stoves offer far greater fuel efficiency than open fires
but in order to realise this efficiency, it is vital the wood you burn is
properly dried.

In order to air dry (season) firewood adequately in our climate, logs need to be stored
under cover in an area with good ventilation for 12 to 18 months. In practice this is
difficult to achieve, either for domestic users or commercial suppliers and as a result,
a huge amount of the logs we burn are not sufficiently dry.

By drying logs in a controlled manner using our purpose built kiln, Cumbria Logs is
able to offer its customers firewood of a consistently high quality and low moisture
content throughout the year.
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